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Deluxe 5 Star Hotel
Hyatte Rejency ,Baudha,Kathmandu
Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is a luxury 5 star city resort hotel situated 10 km from the city centre of Kathmandu, Nepal, on the road to Boudhanath Stupa - the most holy of Tibetan Buddhist shrines outside Tibet. The hotel is 4 km from Tribhuvan International Airport and very close to the business district and shopping areas. The Boudhanath Stupa is within ten minutes walking distance from the hotel. The hotel is also host to Club Oasis Spa, a sanctuary of calm in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Soltee Crown Plaza (Solteemode, Kathmandu)

Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu is considered a legendary landmark within the Kathmandu cityscape and is also the premier hotel of the Kingdom. It is spread over 11 acres of space and surrounded by manicured gardens and with views of the mountain ranges, the Soaltee Crowne Plaza offers a resort atmosphere for both business and leisure travelers.

Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu is located in the suburbs of Tahachal just ten minutes away from the city centre and 15 minutes away from the airport. The hotel offers free coach transfers to the hotel on request (subject to availability). There is a complimentary city shuttle to and from the hotel at regular intervals. The hotel also can arrange chauffeur-driven cars or coaches for business or sightseeing as there are no car rental facilities in Nepal. The hotel has five world-class restaurants and a Bar. Bukhara features meals cooked in tandoor, using recipes and methods preserved since the mediaeval ages. Garden Terrace Coffee Shop serves multicuisine breakfast, meals and light snacks. Al Fresco serves authentic Italian meals and is the most popular Italian restaurant in town. China Garden serves oriential delicacies from around South East Asia and Rodi Bar
                  The Hotel Amenities and Services at Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kathmandu are all-inclusive, and try to meet all the possible needs of the guests. The guests can see that all their needs being catered to, what with the amiable and efficient staff of the Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kathmandu working round the clock. Right from your dining needs, to your leisure and recreational desires, and your business requirements, all are superbly catered to by the conveniences offered by the Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Guest House,Thamel

A hotel is a deep ingrained memory - an experience to reminisce, an escapade to cherish, a secret to smile over. A certain hotel somewhere has always served the purpose of catering pleasant memories. You recall, you talk, you laugh, you cry, you ponder - you face a whole range of emotions over that "particular incident" in that "particular hotel." Your memory is all the more enriched when something happens in a special hotel. In Kathmandu Guest House you can be assured that your memory is not a haze but a highlight that will sparkle throughout your life.
               Kathmandu Guest House was a Rana mansion converted into a hotel by Karna Sakya in 1967. Starting with just 13 rooms, it has been slowly nurtured into a sprawling 121-room hotel with more than the required amenities. Today it is reputed to be an internationally acknowledged "best budget hotel". It is the first hotel established in Thamel, which is Kathmandu’s most popular tourist destination with the highest concentration of tourism-based service outlets in Asia.

Dwarika's Hotel (Kathmandu)

Dwarika's Hotel is a unique place in South Asia. It is a living example that tourism need not destroy heritage and the environment. On the contrary, it has demonstrated that a proper blending of cultural restoration and tourism leads to the preservation of historical artifacts and contributes to the growth of skills and culture that would otherwise have eroded from the crass commercialism of today. It has shown that heritage can be preserved and be used for further preservation works. In fact, it could be the model to demonstrate what must be done to preserve the look of Kathmandu Valley - a stepping stone towards the larger and more gigantic task of rehabilitating the uniqueness and beauty of Kathmandu currently experiencing severe environmental stress of uncontrolled modernization.


In 1952, the late Dwarika Das Shrestha was out jogging when he came upon some carpenters sawing off the carved portion of an intricately engraved wooden pillar. It had been part of an old building which had been torn down to make room for a modern structure. Amidst the rubble, lay the bits and pieces of exquisitely carved woodwork several centuries old, ready to be carted off as firewood as the carpenters were merely trying to salvage reusable wood.

As he stood amidst the ruins, Dwarika Das Shrestha experienced all the anguish that a sensitive soul feels when witnessing the destruction of the sublime and the beautiful by wanton and crass commercialism of modern times. He was confronted with the visible signs of destruction of an ancient culture which still lived in him as part of his heritage. Kathmandu's Newari art and traditions have a rich legacy of exquisite wood carvings, distinctive temples, sculpture, bronze works, terra-cotta work and the unique lifestyle of its people itself. Seeing the beautiful carvings destroyed, he could not control himself. Out of sheer impulse, he gave the carpenters the new lumber that they required and took the old ruined  carved pillar.

This impulse, born from the inner anguish of his spirit, became progressively a hobby, a passion and a lifetime work. As soon as he heard that an ancient building was going to be torn down to make way for a modern structure, he would rush to the spot and buy as much of the ancient wood carvings as he could before they were sold as firewood or lost in other ways for ever. If he was able to buy only a part of an artistic work because other pieces had been lost or he did not have enough money, he would still do so and try to recover the missing parts later. Often he would discover their historic significance in the process. In one instance, he was able to trace and acquire a missing piece after twenty-five years.

As his collection grew, Dwarika Das Shrestha was faced with the problem of storing these bulky works of art which were scattered all over his garden in makeshift sheds. It was then he decided to construct a building in the old Newari style of Kathmandu using the carved doors and windows he had rescued from destruction. The edifice which was built to give the ancient works of art a new life is now one among several buildings of Dwarika's Village Hotel. These buildings contain some of the best woodworks of olden times restored to life and made to function for a modern age within the traditional architectural setting

Le Meridian Kathmandu (Gokarna Forest Resort)

Le Méridien Kathmandu, Gokarna Forest Golf Resort & Spa is located inside the serene temperate Gokarna Forest, private Royal hunting grounds of the Kings of Nepal. Situated within the city limits of Kathmandu, capital of Royal Kingdom of Nepal, this Hotel Resort, Spa and Golf Course is operated by Le Méridien, a leading global chain of luxury hotels and resorts. A winding road climbs through the

Fishtail Lodge, Pokhara

Situated on a peninsula with the Fewa Lake on one side and a forest-covered hill on the other, the Fish Tail Lodge offers spectacular views all round making it a unique lake resort. Guests are received and transported to the Lodge on its shuttle-floats or boats.
            As testimony to the exclusive service and comfort offered, the Fish Tail Lodge has had the honour of hosting world leaders, royalty and heads of Government. To cite a few examples: HRH Prince Charles and HRH Princess Anne of England, Crown Prince Narihito of Japan, former Indian President N. Sanjiva Reddy, former US President Jimmy Carter, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldhiem, HRH Crown Prince V. Mahidol of Thailand and many other celebrities.
All profits generated by Fish Tail Lodge are donated to the Princess Jayanti Memorial Trust. The Trust provides free cardiac care to underprivileged Nepalese people and conducts various programs to raise public awareness regarding the causes of heart diseases in Nepal.
Your patronage will go a long way in providing financial support to the Trust and to contributing towards a very special cause

Temple Tiger ( Inside Chitwan National Park)

Temple Tiger is the only Lodge inside the National Park of Chitwan, from where you can witness the natural game of prey and predator, from the hanging platform itself. This viewing deck, constructed above a huge man-made swamp provides a fantastic display of animals visiting the swamp or on the land.
Besides the view from your balcony, we also arrange jungle safaris on elephant back or by land rover. Nature walks accompanied by well-trained naturalists are very popular among nature lovers. Canoeing on the Narayani River provides an opportunity to watch gharial, dolphins and crocodiles from close quarters.
             The Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge has tried and succeeded in creating a truly relaxing and welcoming atmosphere without disturbing the surrounding tranquility of the jungle. 
There are 32 individual super deluxe jungle lodges. These wooden lodges or villas as they are called are on stilts and are equipped with all 5 star amenities and have a private balcony over-looking the grassland. The tastefully decorated rooms with Tharu artifacts have wall to wall carpets, a sofa and international size twin/ double bed, The spacious, attached bathrooms with running hot and cold water are a beautiful blend of wood, marble and bamboo (rattan). The thatched roofs of the villas are made from the abundant Siru grass therefore they blend easily into the surroundings. The tented camps are situated in the vicinity of the jungle lodges.

Deluxe 5 star level Hotel in Nepal

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  • Club Himalayan, Nagarkot
  • Buddha maya Garden, Lumbani
  • The Everest Hotel.
  • Radiation Hotel 

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